3D Mural Wall Art – Decor Upside Down Amazing


  • EASY and QUICK to install; HD Latex print
  • 3D Art creates an extended reality in your kid’s bedroom.
  • DECORATION: the wallpaper will catch every eye! Thanks to the unique types of offered themes, every interior will get an additional touch of cosiness
  • This Poster GLOWS in the DARK up to 8 hours.
  • Your home is important to you and now you can offer it the elegance it deserves.
3D Mural Wall Art – Decor Upside Down Amazing

Product Details:

    • LYS OG ART TODAY: Breathe New Life Into Your Home With The Most Eye-Catching 3D Mural Wall Art..
    • Meet The Glow-In-The-Dark 3D Wallpaper & Enjoy Its Wonderful Effects Day & Light.
    • A piece of fine art that will perfectly fit into your home and will give it the stylish design you’ve ever wanted.
    • When you want a gift to make the ultimate statement, our stunning glass wall art collection delivers nothing but perfection.
    • Your home is important to you and now you can offer it the elegance it deserves.
    • Perfect for modern house decoration: bedroom (over the bed), living room (over the sofa), bathroom, kitchen, lobby, dining room, office, spa,
    • The innovative design of the LYS OG ART Mural Wall Art has a unique property of glowing in the dark, without using any kind of electrical power or batteries. In the presence of any source of light, only 30 minutes would be enough to be fully charged with luminous energy.

    This cool wallpaper comes with a non-toxic, biodegradable paste which makes it completely safe to use. Note also that the luminous materials of these wallpapers are ecological and do not contain phosphorus or any other dangerous ingredient, while it is not radioactive, and thus it does not harm your health or the environment.
    Hassle Free Installation, Tips & Tricks!
    You will need: a bucket of water, an ordinary brush, a paint roller, a level and a pencil and a plastic tarp to protect the rest of the room. Spread each panel next to the other in the correct order.
    Surface Preparation: The surface should be clean, smooth, free of grease and should absorb moisture. … should eliminate rough areas.
    Prepare glue: You will get it with each order. Just dissolve it in water at the correct proportions from instructions.
    Drawing guidelines: Draw guidelines using a level to hang a mural in a straight line, vertically and horizontally.
    Applying the glue: Use a paint roller to press the panel. Repeat the same action to all parts of the mural. Wait until the mural is dry for about the next 24 hours. It is important to maintain the room temperature and avoid drafts.
    The next evening, your new wallpaper will radiate a warm green light that looks just awesome.
    Pay Attention: Due to the different monitors, actual wall art colours may differ slightly from the product image.
    So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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120 x 220 cm, 82 x 150 cm